Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday at the Police Museum

I conducted a nice event around lunchtime today at the New York City Police Museum. One of the gentlemen in attendance -- Paul Statler, the museum's manager of visitor services -- grew up on the East Side of Manhattan near the Third Avenue El. As readers of BLOOD ALLEY know, the El figures prominently in the book. So I may have asked Mr. Statler more questions than he asked me. He had interesting recollections about the Ruppert brewery in the East 90s, and said he can still remember the smell of hops from the plant. He also talked about the allure of the Stork Club, and noted that he never set foot in the place.

The Stork Club figures prominently in BLOOD ALLEY, and I make a passing reference to the Ruppert brewery in the book. It's worth noting that the money from the brewery enabled Colonel Ruppert (as he was known from his service in the National Guard) to buy the New York Yankees.

The museum is an interesting place, with a lot of reference and archival materials available to writers and others with an interest in New York City police matters. And the people who run it are really, really nice. The museum is located in Lower Manhattan, and it can be found online at


Jim Freund said...

I'm sorry I missed the event -- I've alwways wanted to visit that museum. Did any of the exhibits manage to tie in to Blood Alley?

Tom Coffey said...


You should check out the museum. Unfortunately, I only had time to examine the first floor, which provided an overview of the NYPD's history. Nothing there tied in specifically with Blood Alley. The museum also has plenty of archival material, which I'll be examining if I can ever finish the book I'm (not) working on right now.

Jim Freund said...

Is there anything you'd care to share with us about the book you're not working on right now? Another suspense/crime novel I assume/hope?