Monday, September 22, 2008

New York Is Book Country, Part 2

Central Park was beautiful on Sunday, and I was happy to be there. I felt I was in competition with the weather; only a few people were in the authors' tent, so I wound up schmoozing and signing instead of reading.

I followed Philip Lopate on the schedule. He talked to only a few people as well, and he's a Big Name Author.

I did sell a few books, and I gave away a bunch more. As always, it's a treat to talk to people about writing in general, and about BLOOD ALLEY in particular.

After I left the authors' tent, I wandered around for a while and picked up a collection of Hans Christian Andersen tales for my daughter, who just turned eight. As I was leaving the fair, I noticed that the authors' tent was full. The audience was for a group of children's book authors who were putting on a multimedia show, complete with music.

Next time I'll know how to attract a crowd ...

Monday, September 15, 2008

New York Is Book Country

I'm going to be appearing at the New York Is Book Country fair on Sunday, Sept. 21, in Central Park, in the authors' tent near the Bandshell. I'm looking forward to the gig (my first one in a while) and I hope to meet some of BLOOD ALLEY's readers.

The gig begins at noon and is supposed to run until 12:40. I'll be reading from the book, signing copies and taking questions.

And then I'll have to run ... because my daughter's eighth birthday party will begin in a downtown location at 2:30.

If I survive the day, I plan to blog about it.